Uncertain times can pose some unique obstacles to your renovating plans. You should be flexible with plans, prepare future projects and organise your finances.

Basic carpentry skills are helpful if you want to do some light woodworking, and they can also be beneficial if you’re working on DIY home renovation projects.

For a great basic DIY toolkit, you should include power tools such as a cordless drill, jigsaw, oscillating tool, circular saw and cordless blower.

Five autumn and winter garden tips are: clear fallen leaves, store equipment correctly, sow winter seeds, give lawns some attention and build a log store.

Basic woodwork safety tips include following a dress code, wearing safety gear, keeping the floor clean, keeping blades sharp and making safe blade changes.

Cleaning the exterior of your home, updating windows, installing storage, touching up interior paintwork and installing a woodburner should all be on your list of home improvement projects for Autumn.