Worx 20V MAKERX Mini Heat Gun – WX743.9 – Body Only

Body Only – Hub, Battery, Charger Sold Separately

RRP: £45.99

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The Worx MAKERX WX743.9 Mini Heat Gun was made for embossing paper and cards, or drying painted or glued crafts quickly. It’s indispensable for projects where you need to warm up plastic or wood for shaping.

It’s great for heating shrink plastic around a product for shipping, gifting, or selling, to give it that professionally packaged look. But it has so many uses around the home that everyone in the family will be glad it’s there. Thaw frozen door locks, valves, pumps and spigots. And it’ll heat old paint or adhesive, making it easy to remove.

The slim design allows you to hold it like a marker when you need to heat an area directly, and makes it easier to move around the project. MAKERX has created crafting and hobby tools that are smaller, but more powerful—the secret lies in the Hub. It’s a power source that you can take with your tool, so if you want to work in the middle of a large space, you can, and still have the power to get the job done.

Thoughtful design allowed Worx engineers to make these tools slimmer, so you can hold them with more precision, and provide a level of detail to your projects that’s not possible with other tools.

This model doesn’t come with the MAKERX Hub or a 20V Power Share battery, but that’s by design. Because if you already have a Hub and a battery, there’s no need to buy it again. It’s a great way to save money as you build up your MAKERX tool collection.

The Freedom to Move

The Hub plus its flexible 4-foot cord lets you move freely around the project as you apply heat. And with 20v of Power Share backing it up, you’ll get consistent heat and a longer runtime than other heat guns.

So Many Uses

Shrink wrap your projects before shipping, gifting, or selling. Maybe you’re embossing papercrafts & cards. Perhaps you’re warming up wood or plastic for shaping. Thaw frozen locks, valves, pumps and spigots. Remove stubborn lids from jars, or loosen seized nuts.

What’s included?

  • WX743.9 20V Mini Heat Gun