Robotic lawn mower

Worx Landroid S WR130E 300m²

Perfect for smaller gardens up to 300m²

New Landroid model 2020:

The all new Worx Landroid S WR130E robotic lawn mower is perfect for smaller gardens up to 300m2. With Smart Auto scheduling and intelligent navigation, it is faster and more agile than other robot mowers. The WR130E is safe, quiet and comes with a battery that fits any Worx 20V cordless tool. The first fully customizable robot mower on the market. You can also supercharge your Landroid with five unique options.

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  • Perfect for smaller gardens up to 300m2
  • Smart Auto Scheduling
  • AIA technology. Agile and faster than others.
  • Configurable to your needs. Choose from five unique options
  • Worx PowerShare. Landroid can share its battery with all Worx 20V cordless tools.
  • Sensor less brushless motors, same technology as used in EVs
  • Automatic Over the Air Software updates
  • Cutting Height 20-50mm. Cutting Width 180mm.

Features and specifications

Key features
Cut to EdgeNo
Multi-zone managementYes
Adaptive auto-scheduleYes
Wi-Fi ConnectionYes
Rain sensorYes
Maximum slope35%
Battery typeLithium
Battery voltage20V max
Battery capacity2.0 Ah
Cutting blade3-pivoting razor blades
Cutting height20-50mm, adjustable
Cutting width180mm
User Interface
Information panelSmartphone/ built-in 4-digit LED
InputSmartphone/ built-in simplified keypad
Voice Controloptional
Sound Level65 db
Pin CodeYes
Lock SystemYes
Alarm SoundYes
Find My Landroidoptional
Lift SensorYes
Tilt SensorYes
Low inertia bladesYes
Updates and Upgrades
Download optionsOver-the-Air/ USB
Size507x361x205 mm
Weight8,0 kg

Functions and technical specification

Key Features
Cut to Edge No
Multi-zone management Yes
Adaptive auto-schedule Yes
Wi-Fi Connection Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Maximum slope 35 %
Battery type Lithium-Ionen
Battery voltage 20 V max.
Battery capacity 2.0 Ah
Cutting blade 3-pivoting razor blades
Cutting height 20-50mm, adjustable
Cutting width 180 mm
User Interface
Information panel Smartphone/ built-in 4-digit LED
Input Smartphone/ built-in simplified keypad
Voice Control Optional
Sound Level 65 dB
Pin Code Yes
Lock System Yes
Alarm Sound Yes
Find My Landroid Optional
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Low inertia blades Yes
Updates and Upgrades
DDownload options Over-the-Air / USB
Size 507 x 361 x 205 mm
Weight 8 kg

Controlls and connectors


What’s included?

A             1 Worx Landroid S WR130E

B             2 wire repair connectors

C             3 spare blades kits

D            1 Allen key

E             1 charging base

F             8 screws

G            130 wire pegs

H            1 power supply

I              100 m boundary wire

J              1 battery 20 V 2.0 Ah

K             2 boundary wire distance gauges

L             1 Bertelsen ruler

With these options you can customize every Landroid to your needs:

Intelligently recognize obstacles

Easy to control by voice.

Everywhere up to date.

Reliably limit areas.

Optimal theft protection.